21 Days To Align With Money

You CAN have a positive experience with money!

It’s actually quite easy when you have the right tools. Money is simply energy. Everything is energy. And you can learn exactly how to direct energy in your own life.

Learn practical tools to clear your blocks, create alignment with the money you desire and begin consciously directing how it flows into your experience.

Not only is this process potent but it’s a lot of fun!

“I’m so excited to tell you that after less than 1 week doing your money course I got a completely unexpected check from my insurance company for my deductible for a car accident I had. I don’t know why they sent it but it is exactly what I needed
to cover the rest of my expenses this month and in
the nick of time. Amazing!”

– Bonny G, Seattle, WA

Yes, clearing your blocks and aligning your energy with
money is THAT powerful (and easy!)

Align With Money
Price: $9.97



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