Acts Of Kindness Ideas

We will be announcing our heart centered Acts of Kindness course in the coming months. Please check back soon for that course.

But to get you started, here are some inspiring Acts Of Kindness Ideas:

“The greatest distance is not from here to the moon, it is from one human heart to another. That’s the space we really need to cross.”
– Sita

At Your Path To Abundance we look for as many ways as possible to spread happiness, joy, gratitude and abundance and make a meaningful difference for others in our world. Aside from our annual scholarship program and donating a percentage of our profits each year to humanitarian focused organizations, we also find great joy in personally experiencing the act of giving.

In the spirit of “leaving the world a better place than we found it,” we apply a “humanistic twist” to this idea in that we try to leave the last person we interacted with, happier than we found them. Not only is it beautifully meaningful to connect at the heart level with others and experience this human exchange of kindness and goodness, it’s also inspiring and fun!

For this reason, each of us at Path To Abundance has made a commitment to perform an Act of Kindness each and every day. We try to keep them simple and easy to perform and we do them anonymously whenever possible.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if billions of people did this each and every day? If the idea inspires you, please consider trying this: Do an Act of Kindness each day for 30 days and see how it shifts your own personal energy. We hope you are inspired to join us in contributing to the powerful, positive energy of love, kindness, goodness and beauty in our world.

Below are some examples of Acts of Kindness that we’ve done and are easy to do on a daily basis:

(Some of the ideas involve spending or giving away money – please only choose those ideas if it is not a financial hardship on you to do so):

    • Leave a greeting card with a handwritten uplifting personal message on a stranger’s doorstep or car windshield for them to find when they return (perhaps even tell them what you are doing and why and that you genuinely wish them a happy and wonderful day).
    • Put some money in a public place for someone to find (this is one of our favorites – it’s so fun to do!) Whatever denomination of money you can leave is fine (the amount is not the point).
    • If you see a person carrying a heavy load, help them with it.
    • Gather up any jackets and/or blankets you no longer use and distribute them to homeless people you pass by in the winter time.
    • Pay for the order of the person behind you in a drive-thru line or at another table at a restaurant (this is a great one because three people get to enjoy the energy of this; you, the recipient of your kindness AND the person taking your order – try it and you will see how amazing it feels!)
    • Help someone load their groceries into their car. Explain to them that you try to perform an Act of Kindness each day and today THEY are your recipient!
    • If a person appears lost or confused, warmly approach them and ask them if they need some assistance.
    • Feed someone’s expired parking meter so they don’t receive a parking ticket.
    • Genuinely smile (as big a smile as possible) and say a heartfelt “Good Morning!” (afternoon/evening) to a passerby.
    • Give a flower (or a whole bouquet of flowers) to a stranger (or leave flowers or a small potted plant on someone’s doorstep – maybe even with a note that the flowers are simply an Act of Kindness from a stranger who hopes the flowers brighten their day).
    • If you interact with any strangers (such as a clerk at a grocery store, bank teller, bus driver, doorman, security guard, etc.) start up a conversation with them asking how they are doing. Genuinely listen to them and be positive and upbeat in your conversation while keeping it focused on them (not you). Make them feel special and that someone cares and is listening to them.
    • Keep individual water bottles and/or energy bars in your car and pass them out to people you encounter on the street who appear to be in need.
    • If you see a person in need near a restaurant you are going to, buy a meal for them (if you feel so inclined, approach them before you go in, tell them you would like to buy them a meal and ask them what they would like to have).
    • Tell someone in your life what you sincerely admire about them.
    • Compliment a complete stranger on their haircut or hair color or an article of clothing they are wearing that you really do like (it’s incredible how much this lifts their spirits – most especially because it came “out of the blue” from a stranger).
    • If someone in line next to you at a convenience store (or anywhere) is a little short in having enough money to pay for their order, generously offer the amount of money needed (it is usually not much at all and makes everyone involved feel great about the Act of Kindness).
    • If you receive excellent service from someone, take the time to tell their manager (this is one of those Acts that all three people benefit from).

The sky really is the limit. What other Acts of Kindness can you think of to make a meaningful difference for others in our world?

Here are wonderful Acts of Kindness ideas we’ve received from some of our subscribers. We hope they inspire you as they have us!

“Introduce yourself to new neighbors who have just moved in and welcome them to the neighborhood. Maybe even bring them a small welcome gift.”
– Sharon, Los Angeles, CA

“Do something surprising and special for a loved one – like bring their favorite dessert home, tell him or her a quality about them that you appreciate, or just give them a hug and a smile just “for being you.”
– E. Beall, Kauai, Hawaii

Hold the door for someone coming in and out of a building, or elevator door, too. Yield to cars trying to change lanes or merge onto the road, rather than speeding up to fill an open space. Alternately, if someone lets you into an open space, make sure to wave and thank them. Mow the grass in that strip of road or area that no one ever seems to take care of. Pick up that neighbor you see walking from the bus stop and take them home. (I have actually done this a couple of times – there is an older woman I would see walking from a bus stop. I have picked her up a couple of times, especially when the weather is bad). Bring newspapers to someone’s doorstep when you see them on the driveway. Pick up trash/litter along the road. Offer the dog (& walker!) some water when they walk by. Make dinner or lunch for a friend or neighbor who just had a baby or is going through a tough time. Many of these are done without anyone ever seeing you do it. And if you have your children join you in these acts of kindness, you will help bring that next generation into the same happiness and fulfillment you get from doing kind things for others – even when they don’t realize it.”
– Laura, Washington DC

Clean the lobby or laundry room in your apartment building. Get to the office early with muffins – leave them in the snack room or put them on your co-workers’ desks. Put one on your desk, too and act surprised. Check your friends’ wish lists on Amazon and buy them something they want, but don’t tell them. Give compliments! Tell someone how nice they look, that you like their perfume (if you do) – or aftershave.” – Jenny, Los Angeles, CA

“Give someone a compliment on their appearance but only if you mean it. Open the door for people and wait until everyone exits or enters a building. Let someone take your stand-by seat on a flight. Mow your neighbor’s lawn or shovel their snow when they aren’t home. Bake desserts and bring them to your neighbors.”
– K.M., Chicago, IL

Offer to bring a shopping cart back for someone in the store parking lot to save them the trip. Bring your neighbor’s trash can from the curb to the house for them. Shovel someone’s walkway when it snows along with yours. Buy extra tissues/paper towels/hand sanitizer/school supplies and give them to a school (they are always in need of these items). Ask your neighbor if they would like to have their dog walked since you are already walking yours. Buy a dozen roses and put them 1 by 1 on people’s car windshields. Put an inspiring note, poem, or Bible verse on someone’s car.”
– Amanda M., Bigfork, MT

“Let someone go ahead of you in line. When you go out to eat, give a BIG tip for great service. Make a point of telling a manager at a restaurant and/or store when you have received good service from an employee. Compliment someone on their dress/shoes/shirt/jewelry. Tell a friend/family member what you appreciate about them the most or what kind of an impact they have had on your life.”
– Angie vS., Silver Spring, MD

“Slip dollar bills in unopened packages, boxes etc. at different stores so when when someone buys the item and open it, they find a dollar bill with the words ‘have a great day’ written on it.”
– K

“Light a candle and say a prayer for somebody who needs spiritual help.”
– Marina M., United Kingdom

“Buy lunch for everyone in the office. Make home made cakes or other treats for your local hairdresser or other service provider to distribute among their customers and staff. Buy coffee or other refreshements for others. Send complimentary e-mails to colleagues. Bring back small token gifts for everyone in office from a trip or vacation. Send junior colleagues to conferences (in your place) to build their knowledge and confidence. Share compliments received for programs delivered well (shared the credit). Learn to accept compliments graciously. Surprise staff members (in rotation) by giving them the opportunity to leave early or attend training of their choice.”
– Anne N.

Here are some wonderful acts of kindness that were performed by several members who wrote in to the inspiring website  Each act was submitted by a different person. As you will see, it’s really easy to get creative with spreading kindness!

“This lady was walking through my neighborhood on such an extremely hot day, realizing there are no bus stops within 5 miles, I made a u-turn and gave her a ride to her destination…A man held the door for me at a local coffee shop, he was so perky, I bought him a cup of tea…I forwarded a letter that had gone astray and paid the extra postage!…I emptied the house – books, DVDs, etc. Advertised to come and take what you want and leave a donation in the bucket for a local charity…I heard of a competition that I knew I would definitely get a prize so I entered and put down a friend’s name and address so that they will get the prize. And it’s chocolate!…I encouraged a guy to come out of his love failure. :)…I picked lemons from my mom’s lemon tree and gave them away – someone is going to have delicious fresh lemonade for Father’s day!…I took a senior citizen grocery shopping; she was not feeling well enough to drive herself…Last night I helped some foreigners exchange some money into my country’s currency and then my sister and I led them to a hotel. They were lost and didn’t speak the language…I lent out a very expensive canopy to someone in need…I replaced a drummer in a band that needed one! :)…I put a dollar inside a book that I returned to the library-for either the library people or the next reader to find.”

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