Stop Struggling And Discover How

To Create What You Want

With JOY And EASE!


You Were MEANT To ENJOY Your Life!

That Is WHY You Are Here.


Learn the 4-step affirmation process for dissolving blocks and
resistance, setting powerful intentions for your life and aligning
your energy
with the energetic properties of those intentions!


From the desk of: Lily Jensen







Welcome! I am so grateful you’re here with me today!

I’d like to ask you to consider these honest questions:

  • Do you start each New Year with excitement and joy about the life you wish to have but then slowly fall back into your usual life?
  • Do you believe you’d have to devote too much time each day to actually make lasting changes in your life?
  •  Have you ever worked with affirmations but not gotten the results you hoped for?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, you are not alone!

In fact, most people have amazing plans and dreams for their lives but they struggle to make the positive (and lasting) changes they wish to experience.

Your dreams are what you came here to fulfill!

And it’s exciting & exhilarating to take steps toward the life

that, deep in your heart, you know you were meant to have.

There is this little voice inside each of us that tells us we were meant to live a passionate and inspiring life. That we, too, can have immense happiness, peace and joy.

And this voice is right!

Yet one of the biggest reasons many people struggle (and fail) at creating the lives of their dreams is because their personal energy is completely out of alignment with the very things they are trying to create.

When you dissolve your energetic blocks and resistance to the things you wish to create for yourself, the process of actually achieving those things is very simple. Yes, it takes regular daily practice but it’s a joyful process – NOT an uphill struggle.

I’d like to show you how to Clearly Set Your Intentions and Masterfully Cause YOUR Future using this simple yet very powerful 4-step affirmation process.

“Affirmative thoughts are hundreds of times more powerful than negative thoughts.” 
– Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith

Affirmations are a declaration to the Universe of what you want to create in your life. They are potent and they are very effective, most especially when your personal energetic vibration is aligned with the unique energetic properties contained within the affirmations themselves.

Everything is energy. Even words carry their own energetic frequencies. If your energy is not a match to what you are declaring, those declarations cannot manifest in your life. This is a Universal Law and a fact of life.

When Affirmations Are Used Properly

They Help Dissolve The Blocks You Have

To Aligning With Their Essence.

They also naturally shift your energetic vibration to match their own while reprogramming your subconscious mind to start allowing and believing the things you are affirming. This process literally transforms your thoughts and words into tangible, measurable results.


Would you like to:

• Align Your Energy With Your Most Cherished Goals and Dreams

• Increase Your Self Love, Self Esteem & Self Care Practices

• Create Healthy Boundaries With Everyone In Your Life

• Dissolve Any Blocks To Having Abundant Money and Finances

• Enjoy New Levels Of Health and Wellness

• Design Your Inspiring Romance and Love Life

• Enjoy A Fulfilling Career/Work

• Love & Appreciate Your Fantastic Body

• Create Meaningful Relationships With Others

• Continue To Evolve Your Self Growth and Self Improvement Practices

• Experience Abundant Leisure and Luxuries

• Generously Contribute To The Lives Of Others

If you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above, then this course is most definitely for you!

These are the exact areas of life you will devote an entire year to aligning with. You will spend a full month immersing yourself in the energy of each topic listed above as you dissolve any blocks and deeply align yourself with the energetic properties of your wonderful new life.


Whether you have had past experience with affirmations or whether you are new to the idea of working with them, this course is very different from anything you may have experienced.

This course was specifically designed as a simple yet powerful 4-step process to align all aspects of your energy with the energetic properties of each daily affirmation. This is very powerful yet it’s truly easy to implement into your busy life.

Each day, you will spend approximately 10 minutes practicing the first two steps of the process. After that, you will practice the other two steps over the course of your day, incorporating them into your thoughts, words and actions – penetrating your energy on every level.

I Want You To Succeed At Creating And Enjoying Your Most Treasured Life…The Life You Came Here To Have!

I have created the life of my dreams using these very principles and I absolutely know it is possible for everyone, including you!

Whether you start this course at the beginning of a new year, a new month or exactly where you are in your life right now, you no longer need to wishfully dream about the life you came here to have – start aligning your energy with it! Your future is waiting!


Join The Thousands Of Others Who Have Successfully

Used These Tools To Masterfully Create Their Lives!

“I never realized how simple and easy it is to make positive things happen in my life until I started using your daily exercises. These exercises are helping me achieve what I’ve wanted in both my personal and professional life. I feel powerful and optimistic. Thank you!”
– Angie vS, Silver Spring, MD


“I love how you break things down into small “bite sized” pieces. It makes things so much easier to actually implement each day and DO SOMETHING rather than “just think about” doing something.”
– W.L., Asheville, NC


“Your daily lessons are inspirational in their ability to show me how to use positive thought in my life. This course taught me how to visualize a better future and life that is fulfilling for me. I love this course!”
– Christina, Charlotte NC


“I have to honestly say I doubted this process at first. Nothing else has worked for me in moving out of my own stagnation. But I tried it and I am so happy I did. Your simple daily exercises have gotten me moving forward in my life and I am so grateful. Thank you!”
– Amanda M., Bigfork, Montana


Sign up for this 12 month course and immediately start affirming and aligning with the life you are meant to have. Once you have a complete understanding of exactly how to use these tools, you can use them for the rest of your life!

Live The Life Of YOUR Dreams.

It’s Not Only Possible,
It’s Your Birthright!


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A Powerful Year Of Energetic Affirmations
Learn how to clearly set your intentions and energetically align with them using this potent 4-step affirmation process. This course goes way beyond traditional affirmation methods. It infuses your own energy with the energetic properties of the affirmations themselves. You absolutely can transform your thoughts and words into tangible results!
Price: $67.00
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I have taken great care in assembling the tools that I know from personal experience will help you dissolve blocks or resistance and quickly align your energy with the life you wish to have and were meant to have!

I hope you will take this opportunity to align with your intentions and masterfully cause your future!

To Your Magnificent Success!








P.S. Please don’t take my word for it – I am far more interested in you hearing from others what these tools have done for them because the bottom line is – it’s the tangible results that matter. I will always honor and respect your right to expect nothing less from us!

“I was looking to take control of my life rather than just drift along. This course allowed me to do just that. You are given a number of excellent techniques to use to actively direct the course of your own life. All the information given is powerful, and works! Anyone can do it! Don’t hesitate – take yourself in hand and go for it!”
– Anthony, Portland, OR


“I want to thank you for the wonderful lessons that keep me motivated and on track with manifesting my desires. The lessons help keep me focused and my vibrational energy high and I look forward to them. Thank you for such a wonderful program.”
– Sharon, Pasadena, CA


“This is an awesome course!  If you want to create positive change in your life, complete this course. This stuff is real, pure, simple, magic that anyone can do!”
– Olivia, Boston, MA


“ I cannot emphasize enough the impact your program has had on my life. The information is simple and logical. My use of these visualization techniques has created many changes in my life. I was unhappy in my work place but couldn’t see any way to change this.  Once I started using the techniques to visualize what I wanted in my life, numerous job opportunities became available to me.  I am now working in a job I love and I make more money!  Thank you for creating this course!”
– Reese, Troy, MI


A Powerful Year Of Energetic Affirmations
Learn how to clearly set your intentions and energetically align with them using this potent 4-step affirmation process. This course goes way beyond traditional affirmation methods. It infuses your own energy with the energetic properties of the affirmations themselves. You absolutely can transform your thoughts and words into tangible results!
Price: $67.00
Price: $37.00

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