I am pleased and honored to share with you some of the testimonials I’ve received from our members.

I hope their words might inspire you to take consistent, daily action toward making your own goals and dreams come true. I know that with each happy and fulfilled person, our world becomes a better place and that truly inspires us!


“I’m so excited to tell you that after less than 1 week doing your money course I got a completely unexpected check from my insurance company for my deductible for a car accident I had. I don’t know why they sent it but it is exactly what I needed to cover the rest of my expenses this month and in the nick of time. Amazing!”
– Bonny G, Seattle, WA


“OMG at last I can understand what visualisation is all about (in addition to repetition and consistency) – fantastic! I am getting very excited indeed. All the years I have been searching for a programme that explained in easy to understand language what and how to visualise and what to expect etc. and, at last, along comes a programme that does all that and more. Ladies you are an inspiration, thank you very much indeed.”
– Petrina, United Kingdom


“After years of reading self-help books and attending different workshops, I didn’t really expect to learn anything new with this material. But I have made more progress in my life since I’ve been working with this, than I have in years! OMG! Thank you!”
– Annette H., Austin, TX


“This work is a lifeline to me. I look forward to the daily exercises as I would a letter from a friend. This course helps me focus on the important things, providing gentle reminders that ground me and help me to find balance in my life. Thank you.”
– J. Rosen, Miami, FL


“I am on day two today and loving the course already! Thanks for a new perspective.”
– Helen, Maine


“As a wellness professional and long-time practitioner of abundance lifestyle I was resistant as to how I would benefit from this course. Then I began the course which I now refer to as ‘Practical Application of Esoteric Living.’ The magic of your generously offered lessons impact deeply on whatever I think I already ‘know.’ This course has been a daily calisthenic for my ego to surrender to my highest goals. What a wonderful gift. I am grateful to be in the ranks of those who are using this course as a way to go deeper and higher in all ways.”
– S. L., Los Angeles, CA


“I’m so grateful how the daily actions allowed me to open more and more to the universe. I also realized how many limited beliefs that I had, that were mostly based on fear and guilt that I learned while a kid. I like that I could do this step by step, without being overwhelmed by books, coaching sessions, workshops, etc. There have been some great changes in my life. I’m more willing to step out of my zone of comfort. Thank you.”
– A.C., Gatineau, Québec, Canada


“When I read about this course in a newsletter, I felt a strong signal to buy it. I’m glad I did, because this really is different than most others that teach how to create life changes. It is short and to the point and gives helpful suggestions about how to apply the principles. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!”
– Tracey G., Tucson, AZ


“After two emails from you I am beginning to feel a radical change towards money, especially paying bills, which up to now precipitated dark clouds following me around.”
– Patrick, Canada


“Taking this course has been quite life changing. The daily lessons have taught me the valuable lesson of gratitude and have enabled me to become a stronger and happier person. I never thought it would be so easy to apply these principles to my own life and see such an amazing difference.  I can’t thank you enough!”
– S.S., Washington DC


“Thank you for this wonderful work!  It has already helped me make many positive changes in my life.  I feel like I have hope in my life and that I CAN do the things I’ve only dreamed about up till now!”
– B. Blum, Philadelphia, PA


“Thank you. I love, love, love what you are doing with the law of attraction principles and how you’ve structured them into such fun, easy and meaningful lessons. Your happy energy jumps off the page, and it makes me want to read more! Thank you for all your efforts.”
– Yael E., Los Angeles, CA


“I was looking to take control of my life rather than just drift along. This course allowed me to do just that. You are given a number of excellent techniques to use to actively direct the course of your own life. All the information given is powerful, and works! Anyone can do it! Don’t hesitate – take yourself in hand and go for it!”
– Anthony, Portland, OR


“I want to thank you for the wonderful lessons that keep me motivated and on track with manifesting my desires.  The lessons help keep me focused and my vibrational energy high and I look forward to them.  Thank you for such a wonderful program.”
– Sharon, Pasadena, CA


“I have to honestly say I doubted this process at first. Nothing else has worked for me in moving out of my own stagnation. But I tried it and I am so happy I did. Your simple daily exercises have gotten me moving forward in my life and I am so grateful. Thank you!”
– Amanda M., Bigfork, Montana


“It’s hard to put into words how I feel about these lessons. I have just about given up in my life and a little feeling deep inside me said just try this so I did. I am so surprised to see how quickly I am able to change how I feel. I am not 100% there yet but I feel much more like I have a chance at feeling happy in my life and that maybe I really can do the things I want to do in my life. Thank you for giving me that feeling.”
– Christopher, Colorado


“This is an awesome course!  If you want to create positive change in your life, complete this course.  This stuff is real, pure, simple magic that anyone can do!”
– Olivia, Boston, MA


“Wow! I see measurable changes in my own levels of happiness and gratitude.  It’s wonderful!”
– K.M., Chicago, IL


“I cannot emphasize enough the impact your program has had on my life. The information is simple and logical. My use of these visualization techniques has created many changes in my life. I was unhappy in my work place but couldn’t see any way to change this. Once I started using the techniques to visualize what I wanted in my life, numerous job opportunities became available to me. I am now working in a job I love and I make more money!  Thank you for creating this course!”
– Reese, Troy, MI


“I never realized how simple and easy it is to make positive things happen in my life until I started using your daily exercises. These exercises are helping me achieve what I’ve wanted in both my personal and professional life. I feel powerful and optimistic. Thank you!”
– Angie vS, Silver Spring, MD


“I love how you break things down into small “bite sized” pieces. It makes things so much easier to actually implement each day and DO SOMETHING rather than “just think about” doing something.”
– W.L., Asheville, NC


“I so look forward to the concept of each day. I do have to say I miss them on the weekend but I go back to re-read them and it’s twice as powerful as the first time! I have so much faith in these steps! The happiness and gratitude I feel is wonderful. The letter I wrote to myself as one of the exercises made me cry! Because I felt it so deeply! I have re-read it several times!! This process is guiding me to what it is I’ve been searching for!! And I can’t tell you how I look forward to learning and being guided by your daily steps. Thank you!”
– Heather, Berkeley Springs, WV


“I just want to say thank you. I’ve tried so many different Law of Attraction courses and I haven’t had the success with them that I have with yours.”
– Bill H., San Diego, CA


“Your daily lessons are inspirational in their ability to show me how to use positive thought in my life. This course taught me how to visualize a better future and life that is fulfilling for me. I love this course!”
– Christina, Charlotte NC